Superior Throughput

New certified Laser Interfaces

New certified Laser Interfaces

New certified Laser Interfaces

High precision line-based material processing (drilling, grooving, 2.5D micromachining) demands high repeatibility. To secure such repeatibility NST developed SuperSync for MOPA picosecond and femtosecond pulsed laser sources, a proprietary bi-directional interface to reduce the effect of timing-jitter when scanning at high speeds. 

After successful testing last month the list for certified SuperSync laser interfaces has been expanded by  Ekspla (ATLANTIC, ps laser) and Light Conversion (PHAROS, fs laser).

In addition Spectra Physics has successfully tested the first Q-switched MHz nanosecond pulsed QUASAR paired with the LSE controller. The image shows micron pulse placement accuracy at 50 m/s (Pulse Repetition Rate 1 Mhz) . When paired with the LSE polygon scanner system this hybrid fiber laser unlocks unprecedented throughput in high precision applications.

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