Superior Throughput

Certified SuperSync

Certified SuperSync


SuperSync demands a certified interface with the incorporated laser and is available for:
LUMENTUM Duetto/Fuego/PicoBlade (ps laser) (certified)
COHERENT HyperRapid (ps laser) (certified)
TRUMPF TruMicro 5xxx (ps laser) (certified)
AMPHOS 150W (ps laser) (certified)
AMPLITUDE Systèmes Satsuma/Tangor (fs laser) (certified)
ESKPLA Atlantic (ps laser) (certified)
LIGHT CONVERSION Pharos (fs laser) (certified)
SPECTRA PHYSICS Quasar (ns laser) (certified)
SPECTRA PHYSICS VGEN-ISP-POD-30/50/75W (ns laser) (certified)
EDGEWAVE PX200-1-GF (ps laser) (certified)
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