Superior Throughput

2017 Product release

2017 Product release

Product and feature releases in 2015

LSE Product line

  • Scan head enabling full telecentric 300 mm wide processing
  • Smaller spot sizes for LSE170 HNA (NIR/GR)
  • True Raster Technology to achieve absolute positioning accuracy

Advanced control features

  • Streaming mode: bitmaps of any length can be processed enabling non stop roll-to-roll processing;
  • Enhanced surface quality: for super smooth surface quality in 2.5D micromachining “start facet” and “job dithering” on a layer to layer basis is implemented
  • Interleave mode: for line based material processing such as drilling, grooving and cutting interleaving enables using lower rep-rate lasers at high scanning speeds, or alternatively, material inter-pulse temperature control when using high-rep lasers and large spot overlaps.
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