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Line Scan Engine polygon scanner systems

Line Scan Engine polygon scanner systems

High speed Line Scan Engine featuring the unique mirror based f-Theta optics:

  • Polygon scanner providing 100 to 400 line scans per second
  • Very high substrate scan speeds: 25 to 100 m/s and higher
  • Unique telecentric – scan beam always perpendicular to object surface – f-Theta optics
  • 170 mm and 300 mm scan width
  • Supports NIR/VIS and UV wavelengths
  • Diffraction limited quality optics providing small focused spot sizes
  • Includes control electronics for easy integration with lasers and linear stages
  • SuperSync option for MOPA based lasers

New developments

  • UV optics (LSE300 available in OEM)
  • TrueRaster for absolute accuracy and high line straightness
  • High NA for the smallest spot sizes
  • Job dithering for smooth surface processing
  • Interleaving for lower rep rate pulsed lasers and material inter-pulse temperature control


LSE Line Scan Engine Datasheet (PDF, 0.2 MB)
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