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Telecentric Optics

Telecentric Optics

Polygon scanning is well known in the graphic art industry but still very new in advanced micromachining using high power ultrafast pulsed lasers. Utilizing a polygon scanner demands, just like galvo based scan heads, more than the deflector itself.

Current scanning solutions for high precision processing with uniform spot size need a f-Theta Telecentric lens. Processing larger formats – usually above 50 to 80 mm – will lead to more expensive optics or a step & repeat approach with increased stitching complexity. This scanning approach proves to be costly when processing at high density and limited speeds.

Next Scan Technology makes you forget about the step & repeat or multiplexing scan heads. We also circumvent the need for alignment and correction tables. Our patent pending mirror optics enables size and delivers you higher throughput on small & large formats without compromising processing accuracy.

The patent pending optics can be scaled in size to improve throughput efficiency, up to 600 mm is proven technology. Our first product delivers a 170 mm full telecentric scan field, our next release will deliver a full telecentric field of 300 mm and smaller spot sizes.

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