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From September 4 to September 6 the LANE 2018 takes place in Fürth, Germany. Lars Penning will give a presentation on Polygon Scanner Systems and TrueRaster calibration.


You will find us in South Hall, booth #2025.
We are looking forward to meet you there !

A renowned manufacturer quoted “…several industrial processes have been developed to take advantage of the high precision of ultrafast and low nanosecond pulsed laser processing. The ability of these lasers for high-quality material processing have opened the door for numerous industrial applications. However, to achieve economic break-even points, advances in beam handling and delivery are needed to take full advantage of the potential processing speed…”

You can find high throughput beam delivery solutions in Hall2, booth 215. We are looking forward to meet you there !

On April 26 and 27, 2017, the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT in Aachen will hold the 4th UKP-Workshop: Ultrafast Laser Technology. The event is an opportunity for scientists, laser manufacturers and users to come together and learn more about the latest trends from the ultrafast laser sector. More than 20 international speakers will report on the most recent developments in ultrafast laser beam sources and optical systems for ultrafast laser technology.



Evergem, Belgium – April 11, 2017 – Next Scan Technology, polygon scanner expert and an associated company with SCANLAB GmbH, was presented the prestigious EPIC Phoenix Award 2017 that recognizes exemplary entrepreneurship in photonics. The European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC) presented Next Scan Technology’s management as the winner during its annual general meeting in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, last week.
Read the full press release here

As leading supplier in polygon scanner systems Next Scan Technology will offer you an overview in emerging ultra short pulse laser applications.

Process developers worked out raster scan strategies to exploit the high scan speed offered by the polygon scanner technology. These systems are particularly advantageous for line-oriented full surface processing such as high throughput patterning, surface treatment, high density drilling and dicing. If you like to learn how the high scanning speed can reduce your material processing times we would be pleased to discuss your application…



Our shareholder SCANLAB is simplifying its legal structure and moving responsibilities to a new corporate form. SCANLAB AG (a stock corporation) has transferred all its core business operations to SCANLAB GmbH (a limited liability company). This GmbH then constitutes a subsidiary, along with the other existing affiliated companies Blackbird Robotersysteme GmbH and Next Scan Technology BVBA, to thereby enhance their scopes of action as strategic partners participating in the marketplace. Substantial enlargement of the headquarters building will soon leave SCANLAB ideally prepared for continuous growth.

Entire press release as pdf file

Visit us in hall 4 at booth B74 !

From May 31 through June 2 we will be showing our latest product developments in Stuttgart.

Furthermore we will be presenting in the Technical Forum “Lasers in Action”:
Tuesday May 31

Polygon scanners – capabilities, applications and system considerations
16:00 Lars Penning

More information on the Forum

“We see great potential in the polygon scanner market, so it’s natural to position ourselves here accordingly. Next Scan Technology’s expertise suits our approach well and our products complement each other superbly,” says SCANLAB CEO Georg Hofner regarding the successful acquisition.

“Amid rising demand for polygon scanners, Next Scan Technology needed to increase manufacturing capacity and set up worldwide sales, marketing and customer services, while strengthening its management team. SCANLAB’s global infrastructure and operational excellence makes it a perfect match to address new market opportunities – via smart cross-over designs using galvo, polygon and mirror F-theta technology,” comments Next Scan Technology managing director Lars Penning on the future collaboration. “Together we’ll offer the best of both worlds in scanner systems for challenging high-throughput applications.”

Ultra-short-pulse (USP)  lasers are ideal for ultra-precise micro-machining of diverse materials, because cold ablation allows particularly fine, targeted material removal. To achieve industrial-scale productivity, USP lasers are best combined with ultra-fast scanners – e.g. a polygon scanner. Polygon scanners are particularly advantageous for line oriented full-surface processing of work pieces – at fine resolutions and with freely definable patterns and structures. Thanks to the high speed, these systems can considerably slash material processing times. USP laser processing applications range from structuring touchscreen surfaces or solar cells, to micro-drilling and processing of electronic components, glass and plastics, as well as sensor manufacturing.


Download the full press release here PR-SCANLAB-NextScanTechnology-polygon-scanner-2015_1214-EN or read it at SCANLAB


As leading supplier in polygon scanners systems Next Scan Technology announces a new scan head model enabling 300 mm wide processing. This translates into the benefit that it is now possible to avoid time consuming or complex stitching while maintaining spot size and beam quality.

In addition, High NA optics are released to enable smaller spot sizes and improve processing quality. Utilizing its integrated, full telecentric, mirror optics the set up allows for a compact all-in-one, ready-to-use scanner head.

Proprietary SuperSync™ and new TrueRaster options fulfill your requirements regarding repeatability and accuracy, ready to meet your micro-machining requirements at highest performance.

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