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Photonic West 2015

Photonic West 2015

Photonic West 2015

At the show (booth#1733, Altos Photonics) we show a first insight on 2015 feature releases and developments sponsored by the EU APPOLO project

The key to Next Scan Technology is its all mirror, diffraction limited mirror optics providing extremely small focused spot sizes over the entire scan area up to 300 mm without compromising scan efficiency and full telecentricity.

For applications requiring the finest features novel UV optics and High NA are introduced to achieve smaller spot sizes. To improve processing quality simple solutions for interleaving and smart start point distribution is introduced while bitmap data streaming takes care of non stop processing in roll-to-roll applications and large data files.

We look forward to meet you at the show to discuss your possible benefit using LSE polygon scanner systems.

Next Scan Technology
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