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First results on Ultrafast RAZipol

First results on Ultrafast RAZipol

First results on Ultrafast RAZipol

The main goal of the Ultrafast RAZipol project is to demonstrate laser material processing at unprecedented levels of productivity and precision material processing structure dimension < 1 um with novel radial and azimuthal polarization.

The first amplification result of beams with radial and azimuthal polarization have been achieved with up to 84 W of output power at a pulse duration of 780 fs. This source will be used to seed the multi-pass thin disk amplifier and shall allow reaching power higher than 500 W at sub-1 ps pulses.

Although the potential range of material processing applications for this laser source is extremely broad, within the project, the Razipol consortium will focus on two demonstration applications. The first application will be based on a fast scanner system which facilitates the production of complex structures like a “lab on a chip” on large wafers. The second application will be trepanning drilling of deep, high aspect holes with tight tolerances.

To unlock the high power laser potential for complex structure production, Next Scan Technology is developing a high precision large area polygon scanner system matched with an unique ultrahigh speed 10+ MHz Pulse on Demand modulator design.

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