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Shipping now: polygon scanner systems with UV optics

Shipping now: polygon scanner systems with UV optics

Shipping now: polygon scanner systems with UV optics

Dedicated laboratories and our  Process Development Kit on site unlocked the potential for UV based applications. Based on the need for smaller spot sizes and dedicated processing first shipments now take place to support launching customers in display, semicon and medical device manufacturing.

At the LASYS 2014 a new software release is announced with features such as:

  • Streaming mode: bitmaps of any length can be processed enabling non stop roll-to-roll processing;
  • Enhanced surface quality: for super smooth surface quality in 2.5D micromachining we implemented “start facet” and “job dithering” on a layer to layer basis (see also presentation high throughput laser processing at SLT’14, Dr. B. Neuenschwander);
  • Interleave mode: for line based material processing (drilling, grooving, cutting) interleaving enables using lower rep-rate lasers at high scanning speeds, or alternatively, material inter-pulse temperature control when using high-rep lasers and large spot overlaps

To support your applications accessible application labs are expanding both in numbers and performance.  Ultrafast lasers with improved conversion efficiency in MHz for both GR and UV but also high powered nanosecond GR/UV lasers are now becoming accessible.

To improve higher system productivity upcoming features are being sponsored by EU projects Razipol and Appolo. NST offers you access to dedicated laboratories in Belgium, Switzerland, France, Japan and Korea.  Coming soon,  USA and Germany.


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