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US Contract with Rick Slagle, Technical Solutions Marketing

US Contract with Rick Slagle, Technical Solutions Marketing

US Contract with Rick Slagle, Technical Solutions Marketing

Maynard, MA August 29, 2013 Technical Solutions Marketing, LLC (TSM) announced they have been contracted by Next Scan Technology NV (NST) to perform market research and business development for NST’s polygon scan system within North America.

NST has developed a novel polygon scanner, ‘Line Scan System’ which provides high speed, high accuracy laser micromachining using high pulse rate ultrafast lasers that outperforms traditional galvos by 10-50 times higher throughput with none of the temperature drift, which adversely affects accuracy.

Picosecond and femtosecond lasers with high pulse rates of 200kHz to greater than 1MHz have demonstrated excellent results in the lab and in limited production environments. According to Rick Slagle, Managing Partner of TSM, “The short pulses from these lasers can be less than the thermal diffusion timescale, which results in vaporization of the material with no heat affect or melting that is critical in many applications, such as medical devices or aerospace applications, where burring is unacceptable. Due to their high pulse rate these lasers need a high speed, high resolution beam delivery to fully take advantage of these benefits.”

Lars Penning, Managing Director of NST said, “We have qualified a number of laser systems manufactured in Europe. In order to address the North American market we needed to find a firm that has extensive experience in the Photonics Industry. As such, we are delighted to partner with TSM based on their reputation and 20+ years of experience working with laser manufacturers, system integrators and end users.”  

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