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We believe that product development in phase with process development is key to industrial success and have strengthened our development infrastructure through our sister company SCANLAB GmbH.


R&D Partners

With key partners in applied research and laser development we offer access to dedicated laboratories facilitating laser sources ranging from the nanosecond to femtosecond pulsed regime.

NST collaborates with the team of Dr. B. Neuenschwander at the BERN UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES on high throughput scanning strategies for process efficient material removal rates.

For specific expertise on femtosecond pulsed laser processing NST collaborates with the ALPhANOV team
in Bordeaux, France

Additionally NST is involved in a number of European Calls:

The APPOLO Project validates novel laser technologies including equipment. 

               The ULTRAFAST RAZIPOL Project developed a 500 W multi-MHz laser for high speed manufacturing
of large area substrates. 

                     The overall objective of POLAROLL project is to substitute the lithography step in current etching processes
                                      by directly structuring the lacquer with the PoLaRoll laser micro machining unit.
                   First results of a 300W femtosecond laser source and a 25 MHz free pulse triggering will be published soon.

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Channel partners

South Korea
LVI Technologies
Contact person Mr. JS Jeong (+82 31 478 3620)


Japan Laser Corporation
Contact person Mr. M. Inokuchi (+81 3 5285 0861)


Contact person Mr. D. Yu (+886 7 3908688)

NST and their channel partners offer discrete options to evaluate your product processing and ideas.
Please feel free to contact us and discuss your options.