Our products


  • Polygon scanner providing 100 to 400¬†scanned lines per second and more
  • Substrate scan speeds: 25 to 100 m/s up to 400 m/s with airbearing solution
  • Full telecentric mirror based f-theta optics
  • Scan line length 170 mm and 300 mm or more by custom stitching solutions
  • Supports NIR/VIS and UV wavelengths
  • Diffraction limited quality optics providing small focused spot sizes
  • Includes control electronics for easy integration with lasers and linear stages

Special features

SuperSync option for MOPA based lasers and novel nanosecond pulsed laser sources

TrueRaster for absolute accuracy and high line straightness

High NA for the smallest spot sizes

Job dithering for smooth surface processing

Interleaving for lower rep rate pulsed lasers and material inter-pulse temperature control

Explore your potential

process development kit

Ultrafast lasers and large area raster scanning offer a solution in demanding throughput applications. To explore your potential in the shortest period of time Next Scan has set up a process development kit which includes the LSE170 or
LSE300 scan head, a linear stage and beam optics.

With the controls and synchronization in place this kit will save your company valuable integration and commissioning efforts in time. The system is accessible at our demo lab and can be pre-configured for your preferred laser on-site.

Based on your interest and objectives Next Scan offers you:


  • training course bitmap raster scanning
  • integration and commissioning support
  • joint evaluation of scan results and performance improvements
Tailored Solutions


Demanding volume applications might need a tailored solution to improve overall efficiency. To give your equipment that cutting-edge performance co-development will learn how well the LSE technology is fit to be tailored in speed, scan size and controls. 

Next Scan Technology offers a longstanding development track record in high performance scanning solutions. This know how is available for individual customer requirements such as:

  • custom scan width for optimal efficiency
  • higher scanning speeds to increase throughput
  • tailored modulation for (Q)CW and ns pulsed fiber lasers
  • integration with linear stages and roll-to-roll transport