Who we are

Next Scan Technology

In 2011 it was NST who launched the first concept of a polygon scanner system, tailored for laser micromachining using ultrafast pulsed laser sources. The system architecture was based on a longstanding track record in designing and manufacturing of high performance scan systems in one of the most demanding industries, graphic arts.

In 2015 NST was acquired by SCANLAB to increase manufacturing capabilities and set up worldwide sales, marketing and customer services, while strengthening its management team. SCANLAB’s global infrastructure and operational excellence makes it a perfect match to address new market opportunities via smart cross-over designs using galvo, polygon and mirror F-theta technology.

With the technology and organisation in place we aim to: 

  • develop strong ties with domain players in an engineering relationship
  • develop the technology into application specific laser scan engine solutions


The latter is aimed at the broader market of OEM, large scale system integrators and end-users. In addition, individual system requirements in research and development and complementary technologies for laser processing are explored through EU projects. Longer term technology like additive laser printing and scaling towards submicron processing of large surfaces will continue be initiated and actively followed by preferred relations with research institutes, laser source manufacturers, OEM and End-users.

Key features

Key features of
Next Scan Technology

Unprecedented throughput by speed & size

Constant scan speed up to 100 m/s over a wide format without compromising accuracy

Superior quality by telecentric processing

Uniform focused spot size over the complete format

Simplified operation

Process tailored controls embedded
for immediate operational readiness

Improved accuracy and 24/7 stability

Enhanced controls for spot positioning through synchronized laser triggering & product transport

Easy integration

One package with industrial interfacing

Commissioning and service

Integration support and training by NST


R&D Partners

NST collaborates with the team of Dr. B. Neuenschwander (Bern University of Applied Sciences)
on high throughput scanning strategies for process efficient material removal rates (www.laser.ti.bfh.ch)

For specific expertise on femtosecond pulsed laser processing NST collaborates with the ALPhANOV team in Bordeaux, 
France (www.alphanov.com)

Additionally NST is involved in a number of European Calls:

The APPOLO Project (www.appolo-fp7.eu) is a step to the validation of novel laser technologies including equipment. Utilizing ultra short pulse laser scribing for monolithic interconnects in CIGS solar cells; use of smart surface texturing for Automotive & Printing/Decoration industries and 3 D flexible electronics. 

The Ultrafast Razipol Project (www.razipol.eu) has the goal of developing a 500 W multi-MHz laser for high speed manufacturing of large area substrates. Polygon scanning, novel optics and electronics will be vital in delivering these high pulse rate laser beams over large areas